The Hanged Man
Please remember me, even if I can no longer see the world.
The Hanged Man
kappa/nabila . 15 . phlegmatic

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final fantasy type-0 & tokyo ghoul.


Tokyo Ghoul Anime


Tokyo Ghoul Manga


reminder for you to read the manga because you’re missing out

15 years into the future

Daughter: hey mom there's this really old manga called tokyo ghoul i started reading it today you would like it.
Me: *almost slams car into bus full of children*
Me: *looks into my daughters eyes while tears stream down my face*
Daughter: m-mo-
Me: you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. do you want to know what its like to stay up all night on a website reblogging pictures of trash? do you want to be in love with a white hair boy thats not real? d o you w ant t o know th e s o und a cent i pede ma kes in yo u r ea r
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